Narrow Gauge Model Railways


The Kricar Valley Railway
1/32nd (ish) 

The Sump Valley
Railway O-16.5

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As well as my 00 gauge model (see I have long had a love of narrow-gauge modelling. Since this often lends itself to smaller spaces over the years a few layouts have actually been completed! Sadly, or perhaps fortunately, I have no photos of most of them.

Initially I modelled in 009, prompted by the lovely little Eggerbahn Loco and stock soon after they first appeared. Two or three layouts resulted but I was never really satisfied. In 1980 there was a big shift in scale borne of a desire to have somewhat more "chunky" models.

This resulted in a move into the hitherto unknown madness of 1/32 scale modelling on 00 track. You can learn a little more about this by following the "Kricar Valley Railway" links aside.

Then there was a long gap, during which time I made up and motorised the three Peco On-16.5 locos, but did little else. Finally, a couple of years into the new millenium, I became semi-retired and was able to return to railway modelling. Firstly my 00 project (see the link from the home page) but secondly I saw the new Bachmann On30 offerings and started to slowly acquire them ready for when I could do something about it.

And this brings us to the present - 2007, when I at last settled on space for a narrow-gauge layout (albeit small) and after numerous attempts came up with a concept, fictional history and design.

You can learn about this latest attempt by clicking on the "Sump Valley Railway" link aside.

You can also follow this link to see a couple of the aborted plans - both with potential but neither quite hit the target.