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Locos and Rolling Stock

At this stage I have a number of locomotives and a little stock. More locos are planned and some are under construction. There are sufficient coaches for one complete train and so far just one or two items of goods stock. In practice, this sort of ratio will continue as this is intended to be a largely passenger orientated preservation line.

Completed - Digital UK
0-4-0T+T Hunslett Modified Peco body with scratch built tender and branchlines chassis. Fitted with Soundtrax light steam micro-Tsunami decoder.
0-4-2T GVT Dennis Unaltered Peco body built many years ago. Now actually an 0-6-0 as  Hornby Terrier chassis fitted together with XTC/Soundtrax decoder
0-4-2 TR Talyllyn This Peco loco was built many years ago and has just been fitted with a basic Bachman decoder. Still awaiting couplings.
Completed - Digital US
Climax Bachman On30 loco with sound. Otherwise unmodified so far!
Shay Bachman On30 loco with sound. Otherwise unmodified so far!
Forney 2-4-0 with Tender Bachman On30 outside framed version. Fitted with Backwoods tender kit with Soundtrax decoder in tender.
0-4-0 Diesel The lovely little Bachman On30 diesel with Backwoods enhancement kit fitted. Standard Bachman basic decoder.
Completed - Analog  (These locos will be decoder fitted over time)
0-4-0T Hunslett Another Peco body, this time on a somewhat modified Hornby "Nellie" chassis. Will be given basic decoder.
0-4-2T GVT Sir Theodore Another Peco body, this time modified to show the front window cut-outs boarded over with square "portholes" as happened in the later years of the prototype. Will have Soundtrax Tsunami sound fitted.
0-4-0 Stainz The good old Fleischman Magic Train. Will be fitted with basic decoder and some work on the body will be carried out.
Under construction and /or planned
0-4-0+0-4-0 Double Fairlie Wrightlines kit. Still in very early stages but planning to use one powerful can motor mid mounted to bogies via UJs. Will be sound fitted.
0-4-0 Dolgoch Wrightlines kit. Not started. No particular mods planned. Basic decoder
0-6-0 W&L Earl One of the brand new Kevin Trim (Dorset Kits) locos which I am to collect at Shepton 2009. Probably the next project - I have been watching the development of this kit for ages .... and salivating!
Doubtless more locos will be added. I certainly have very loose plans for a railcar of some sort. I will post more as decisions are made.
Rolling Stock  
This has not been a high priority as the model has really only just become operable. And, as you may have gathered I am a bit of a loco collector! So, at present:-
6 4 wheel coaches In cream and green, these can be seen in the picture at the head of this page. They are the coach bodies from the Minicraft Vulcan Train kit runing on various second hand OO brake van chassis. The moulded door and grab handles have been removed and replaced with brass items. I have another 12 of these to do something with in due course! One already has lighting fitted - the rest are to follow
2 C & L bogie coaches These are the Branchlines Cavan & Leitrim kits. One is partially constructed. An attractive contrast to the above but I don't want too many as bogie coaches can be a bit much for so small a layout.
1 bogie tipping truck This is actually the Horny OO side tipping truck with heightened sides. It still works OK and it is planned to use the automatic unloading off-scene to fill the hopper and conveyor belt to load it again just behind the station area.
While more stock - particularly goods stock to make up a works train for the track extensions taking place off scene firm decisions have yet to be made.